22 November 2012


A bit of a peek into the process:

This piece started out as a doodle in my sketchbook:

After scanning this baby into my computer, I recreated the outlines in Illustrator using the pen tool: 

Then I filled everything in with the brush tool:

After that it was just a bunch of fiddling with layer transparencies and textures until the final product!

08 June 2012

23 April 2012

Alien Comic

And now for something completely different:

I just got a scanner and thought I'd share one of my hand-drawn creations.

So basically, I started this comic up a couple years ago after reading a bunch of Jhonen Vasquez books. I only made three pages, but I was thinking of starting it up again with the help of good ol' Illustrator (after I finish up the craziness that is my last semester of college).

So here you go!

16 March 2012

The Bloom of Youth

This is the first draft of one of the Art Nouveau posters I am creating for my BFA thesis series.

11 March 2012

Art Nouveau Process Sketch

This is part of my BFA thesis research. It's a practice sketch for a digital art process to create images in an Art Nouveau style. 

01 March 2012


My first update in quite some time!

I'm in my last year of art school, so bear with me. I'll update when I can.